Our Services

Our Services

Over the years, we’ve learned something very valuable, yet largely unrecognized by the general public: a celebration of life offers family and friends the opportunity to say goodbye, and sets the stage for the healing process which follows.

It doesn’t have to be an elaborate event. The most important part is in the “coming together” with others to share memories, and receive comfort from one another. It can be a very simple ceremony or one where the personality and lifetime achievements of your loved one are showcased.

Whatever you think would be appropriate; we promise to be with you at every turn to help you plan a celebration of your loved one's life in a meaningful way.

Here, you will find information on the services we can provide your family after losing a loved one. If you would prefer to speak to someone directly, please call us. We will be pleased to share commemoration ideas.


Monthly Payment Plan Options:
For your convenience, we have a monthly payment plan available for Pre-need Arrangements. 
  • Monthly payment starts one month from date of signature, and will be automatically debited from your chequing account- a Void Cheque is required
  • Plan becomes fully funded only after the final payment is made.
Cancellation Policy:
  • Plan is fully portable. If canceled prior to full payment, a service charge is held back equal to 10% of the amount in the plan (to a maximum of $350). 
  • All funds are held by Guaranteed Funeral Deposit.

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